Certified Practicing Phlebotomist (CPP)

The question about whether or not Australian Phlebotomists should be ‘certified’ continues with both camps putting forward arguments as to why or why not this should occur. Overwhelmingly however, our members have indicated that they would like so way of being recognised for their skills apart form holing a certificate- given that people can gain the certificate with little or no experience in the actual procedure of collecting blood.

APaN is pleased to announce that in 2014, suitably qualified and experienced collectors will be able to apply to be recognised as a Certified Practicing Phlebotomist (CPP) in much the same way as other professional organisations recognise their experience. We are finalising the criteria and applications will be made available soon.

Once accepted as a CPP, you will officially be able to list the letters CPP as postnominals after your name to indicate you are a quality, experienced collector- setting you aside from others who may not have nearly the skills you do. It will not just be based on holding a certificate, but a range of other criteria that demonstrate your level of competence.

The official applications are being finalised and we will be able to give you more information on how to apply in our future newsletters. Watch this space!

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