Position Statements

DoHA and the CSHISC are currently undertaking major projects to standardise and improve the quality of training that some collection staff receive. It is critical for the success of the profession as well as for confidence in the industry, that collectors are undertaking a minimum level of competence that they are assessed against BEFORE they are able to work independently on ‘real’ patients.

In conjunction with these projects, APAN will be releasing a number of position statements based on consultation with industry, members and key stakeholders.

These are the minimum competencies and standards that we as a representative group endorse. We invite written comment and feedback from members and industry on any of these at admin@apan.com.au


1: Position Statement on the Six Core Competencies of Collection Staff  [2013].


To submit comments and feedback on any of the documents in draft, please submit these in writing to: admin@apan.com.au

Your submission must include your full name / the name of your organisation, contact details, and a full rationale for comments, including examples and references. Anonymous submissions will not be accepted.

1: Best Practice Guidelines and Code of Professional Conduct for Phlebotomists in Australia [OPEN FOR COMMENT UNTIL 31/11/15]

The purpose of the Best Practice Guidelines and Code of Professional Conduct for Phlebotomists in Australia is to:

  1. Identify the fundamental ethical standards and values to which the profession is committed, in line with those incorporated in other endorsed professional guidelines and standards of conduct
  1. Provide phlebotomists with a reference point from which to reflect on their own conduct and practice, and the conduct of others
  1. Guide training, policy and other ethical decision-making and practice, and
  1. Indicate to the community and industry, the human rights standards and professional values it can expect phlebotomists to uphold.

DRAFT APaN Code of PC 2014

2. Best Practice Guidelines for Paediatric Collections [OPEN FOR COMMENT UNTIL 31/11/15]

APaN Is currently developing a best practice guidelines for paediatric collections. Particular focus is going into the arrangements around consent and around what should be considered reasonable restraint.