Australian Phlebotomy Association Network / Australian Pre-anlytical Association Network.

APaN is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that offers its members the benefits of education, information, representation, and research. We represent the interests of our members in community, professional and political forums by providing a united voice for issues concerning our members and our industry.

As a united network, we welcome membership from both private and public sector phlebotomy and pre-analytical staff and the industries and organisations that support us.

APaN’s primary aims are to:

  • Encourage the highest standards of quality, service and ethical conduct amongst its members
  • Promote public and industry awareness of the important role phlebotomists and pre-analytical staff play in the lifecycle of patient care and quality laboratory practices
  • Advocate best practice standards across the industry
  • Establish relationships with key entities and individuals with responsibility for regulation, education and standards within our industry


Unlike the medical scientist profession, which has excellent representation on a number of fronts, since the closure of the Australian Phlebotomy Association a few years ago, there has been no avenue for representation for pathology specimen collection staff, who form a significant and vital part of the pathology industry. Likewise other staff who play vital roles in the collection, transport and receipt of pathology specimens.

Ask a member of the public what they know about pathology testing and almost certainly they will describe the collection experience but will probably have little understanding of the process beyond that point.

For those of us in the industry, we fully appreciate the critical role all staff play in the specimen testing process. However there are few forums where the staff primarily concerned with the pre-analytical arena can go to share and learn about topics and issues specific to their role. We hope than APaN can provide such an avenue for you.

To be successful, it is important that this site does not represent the views of a single person or organisation. The concept of a network or collaboration such as this is to provide a place where all like minded people can gather to discuss issues, share knowledge and build consensus. It presents an opportunity (via our discussion board) to virtually ‘have a say’ in things that affect you.

Later, we hope this site can also represent a central location for on-line education for our members.

We look forward to getting feedback, input and discussion from all of you. If you would like to post information about upcoming conferences or information sessions of interest to this group- please contact us.